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Sara Paxson Award

       The Sara Paxson Award is given in honor of an individual who helped organize the cheerleading department of the Golden Bears junior football program.   Sara served many years as a coach, board member, director of cheerleaders and a volunteer in various activities the Bears conducted throughout the years.  This award is presented to a A Team cheerleader who has completed her last year of participation.   It is bestowed on an individual who possess leadership qualities, who is a positive role model and one who displays the characteristics of an enthusiastic and dedicated cheerleader.


Dick Johns Award

    Annually the Golden Bears present an award in memory of the late Dick Johns, co-founder of the Bears organization, athletic director and coach.   The award is presented to a player in his last year of eligibility.  He is a player who the "A" staff coaches felt was easiest to coach,  a Bear who set good example, a player who rarely missed practice, a player who thought more of the team then individual glory, a player who any coach would be proud to call his son. 


Bill Coutz Award

   Presentation of this prestigious Bill Coutz Award is the greatest honor the Golden Bears annually bestow on a member of the junior football program.   The award is given in memory of an outstanding husband, father and coach who succumbed to the ravages of cancer in 1981.   Bill was a person of high moral standards, a tremendous motivator, and a fantastic teacher.  Bill was also the perfect role model for "D" and "A" team boys he mentored.  The Bill Coutz Award recipient is an individual epitomizes the word volunteer.   One who works countless hours to ensure the quality of the organization is maintained.

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